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 At Laila Oasis Arabians we also offer Lessons, training of horses and livery. This is all within our vision of happy and healthy horse keeping. We work as horse friendly as possible to make sure both rider and horse are happy. 

Below the information about our services ,  and if you have any questions or should you require more information feel free to contact us!



* all lessons are given by professional and experienced instructors, outdoor, endurance, desert ride, dressage and jumping are within the possibilities, should you have special requests, contact the team of LOA.

1 hour lesson 

-          Come enjoy a lesson with your private horse at LOA

1 hour lesson LOA horse

-          Well trained horses for each level

-          Professional instructor

-          10 lessons cards 

-          (lesson at the desert  also possible)

1 hour lesson stable visit 

-          Professional instructor comes to visit you and your horse in your stable

-          Enjoying the lesson in your own environment

-          10 lessons cards


            Your horse trained by professionals from LOA

-          Includes a training schedule made by professionals from LOA , in co-operation with the owner

-          Training when the horse is located at LOA 

Training a green horse

-          Approximately  1 month time, depending on the horse and the wishes of the owner

-           Training it at location of the horse 

-          Put your green horse for the training at LOA


Renting a Box


 for a 5 * home

-          LOA offers your horse a comfortable, happy and horse friendly environment

-          All inclusive , 24/7 care by horse friendly grooms under supervision of the LOA team

-          Including food and cleaning

-          Free usage of all the facilities at LOA , such as showering and hours a day in a paddock

-          Good care and storage of your equipment

should you have special requests for your horse, please don’t hesitate to contact the team about it!