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Rando a cheval en Egypte
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Desert Adventure Rides


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We offer a variety of rides :

 - One hour ride: no need for experience in horse riding, just enjoy a ride between the pyramids of abu sir, the solar temple of Userkaf and a panorama view on the Djoser step pyramid of Saqqarah, all this is in the backyard of our stable.

 - Two hours ride: no horse riding experience needed to enjoy this ride all the way to the Djoser step Pyramid in Saqqarah and back again. It is in site from the moment you enter the desert at Laila Oasis and it is so much fun to see it grow until you reach it.  

 - Four hours ride: A little bit of experience is nice to have on this longer ride, also we can give you a short lesson to prepare you to this adventure. The ride will start at Laila's Oasis in abusir and will go to the famous Pyramids of Gizeh in Cairo. When arrived there will be time to take pictures and to rest a little with refreshments, and then back on the horses to ride home to LOA (Laila Oasis Arabian)

  - Various serious ride in the desert  from 2 to 4 hours

   Trekking in the great sand sea  western desert in SIWA  1 hour to 3 day tours  Exclusive experience   (follow the link)   with our partner Taziry Stud  

 - Ride to Dahshour ( 5 ride hour ): Dashour is famous for one of the oldest pyramids in Egypt, the Red Pyramid. Riding to Dashour is a real adventure that will suit riders with at least a little bit experience. During the one day  ride there will be a lot of ancient Egyptian sightseeing: Abu sir pyramids, the Djoser step Pyramid, and always at the horizon, your goal, the Pyramids of Dahshour. At lunch time you will enjoy an Egyptian lunch provided by Laila Oasis and refreshments and rest, till it is time to ride back to LOA

Other then rides in the desert we also offer adventure packages !! If you are looking for a horse- vacation, then you have come to the right place!

Package A - 1 day

 at 7:00 AM your adventure will start, during this ride you will visit the abu sir pyramids, the solar temple of Userkaf, you will be able to really visit these places and then get back on the horses and continue to visit the Djoser step pyramid at Sakkara and also visit the museum that is situated there. After the ride back to Laila Oasis Arabians you have the chance to sit under our Bedouin tent and relax. And of course a typical Egyptian meal will be offered to you. 

Package B - 2 days

The first day of this package will be like package A  and you will be staying a night at Laila Oasis Arabians bed and breakfast or hotel of your choice  to start a new adventurous day the next morning! Day 2 will start with a ride to Dahshour pyramids, this will take about 8 hours. You will visit the site and visit several other small Egyptian sites on the way. A lovely Egyptian lunch is provided, sitting down in the beautiful desert at the pyramids of Dahshour. After enjoying the lunch and peace in the desert its time to ride back to Laila Oasis and to relax a little more under our bedouin tent.  


 All packages include;

-  at all times panorama view at pyramids, from different angles

-  approaching ancient Egyptian sites very close as you are riding horses 

-  a professional guide in the desert    

-  refreshments during the rides 

- a driver to and from Laila Oasis Arabians

-  bed and breakfast at Laila Oasis always includes a dinner and a breakfast

- and of course changes can always be made, just contact us if you have personal wishes! 

 Not included:

- entrance tickets to sites and tips